Who We Are

Selldra is the best digital products selling platform

The History Behind Our Ditital Store

Selldra digital store started its journey in 2019. We're selling to revolutionize high-quality digital products online. Our mission is to satisfy buyers in the digital products industry, by selling online premium accounts and digital-based products. We understand the immense value of digital products and services, and we strive to make them accessible to a global audience.


The Right People In The Right Service

At Selldra, our mission is to empower both buyers and sellers in the digital products industry.


Michale Clare
CEO & Founder

Tim Woods, CO-FOUNDER, and CEO at Selldra. Study of the Florida University’s Computer Science Department.


Loa Janeya
Web Developer

Loa Janeya, Web Developer at Selldra. Study of the New York University’s Computer Science Department.


John Temple
Account Manager

John Temple, Account Manager at Selldra. Study of the Texas University’s Computer & Accounting Department.


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