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Google AdWord account

How to Set Up USA 350$ Google Ad Word Account

Instructions Google Ad word

Google Ads provides 2 modes when you’re creating an account. These are Smart Mode and Expert Mode. By default, you’ll create your account in Smart Mode. However, if you’re a professional marketer, you can switch to Expert Mode. Haw to set up USA 350$ Google adword account

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Create Or Sign in

  1. Visit Google Ad word site
  2. Chose to website right  Sign in

When creating USA 350$ Google Adword account, you have the option to create it under your existing Gmail account or set up a new account. Personally, I like to set up a new Gmail account ahead of time, which I use specifically for Google Ads management. This way, my personal email isn’t bombarded with emails from Google Ads. So if you’d like to create a new account for your ads, do so now. Otherwise, skip

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Sign up for Google Ads

Here you can choose your advertising goal in a little more detail. If you only want to register your account without an advertising campaign, for now, do so in the following

  1. Choose to website down  Switch to Expert Mode
  2. Choose to next button
  3. Click to website down Create an account without a campaign  
  4. Enter your business information United State, New York Time and Us Dollar
  5.  Choose to SUBMIT button
  6. Choose to Explore your account

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Set up billing information

Finally, you are prompted to set up billing information. You can elect to have payments drafted from either a credit card or a bank account. Keep in mind that Google must verify the bank account, which can take a little while. If you are eager to get your ads up and running, your credit card may be a better option.

  1. Choose to right side Tools & Settings
  2. Choose to under Billing section Summary
  3. Enter your company or personal information.
  4. Type Your Credit or Debit card number
  5. Type Your Expiration date
  6. Get Your Cardholder’s name 

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Congratulations, you are now an official advertiser and can start building out your account. If you want to create an ad campaign right away, you can choose the type of campaign you plan to run in the next step. You can choose from Search campaigns, Smart Shopping campaigns or Display, Video…

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